Autumnfest Sponsorship

The operating budget for the PTO vastly depends on Autumnfest.  Programs such as Catholic Schools Week, Teacher Appreciation, Field Day, Christmas Market, Grandparents Day, Scholarships and Awards, Playground Equipment, School Library, Science Labs, and so much more are made possible because of our success.  However, without generous donations and sponsorships from our families and local community, we lose the ability to offer these programs.  Any contributions provided will be greatly appreciated and used for the benefit of the kids!

Sugar Sugar ($250)

1 T-Shirt; 1 Game Wristband; 24 Meal/Game Tickets; 1 Drawstring Bag; 1 Donor Decal

Come Together ($500)

2 T-Shirts; 2 Game Wristbands; 36 Meal/Game Tickets; 2 Drawstring Bags; 2 Raffle Tickets; 2 Donor Decals; Outdoor Banner Recognition

Lean on Me ($750)

4 T-Shirts; 4 Game Wristbands; 60 Meal/Game Tickets; 4 Drawstring Bags; 4 Raffle Tickets; 2 Donor Decals; Outdoor Banner Recognition

What a Wonderful World* ($1,500)

1 Autumnfest Parking Spot; 2 Lava Lounge Tickets*; 4 T-Shirts; 4 Game Wristbands; 120 Meal/Game Tickets; 4 Drawstring Bags; 4 Raffle Tickets; 2 Donor Decals; Outdoor Banner and Lava Lounge Recognition. 

Daydream Believer* ($3,000)

2 Autumnfest Parking Spots; 6 Lava Lounge Tickets*; 8 T-Shirts; 8 Game Wristbands; 240 Meal/Game Tickets; 8 Drawstring Bags; 8 Raffle Tickets; 4 Donor Decals; Outdoor Banner and  Lava Lounge Recognition

Imagine* ($5,000)

Customized Benefits Package, including Advertising Opportunities; Please contact Tiffany Deanda about your package benefits.

Flower Child

Name your price. Any donation, big or small, is greatly appreciated!


If you have any questions or would like to sponsor a specific item, please email  Tiffany Deanda.



*Lava Lounge Ticket features exclusive benefits for qualifying Autumnfest volunteers and donors.